Chula Vista, CA – A Box channel construction project for flood control. The work included extensive shoring using temporary Soil Nail Walls (4,900 square feet , Storm water by-pass systems (2,950 lineal feet), Box Channel Cast-in-Place concrete (3155 Cubic yards), 345,000 lbs. of rebar, 31,600 cubic yards of grading and installation of 3 pedestrian bridges across the completed channel.


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La Jolla, CA – For a custom Home site, this project included 7,200 cubic yards of grading, 2,500 cubic yards of imported soil, temporary and permanent shoring walls, a Caisson pile foundation for masonry retaining walls, site drainage and demolition work.



Orange County, CA – Flood control channel construction including concrete lining (4,220 cubic yards of Shotcrete), Box Culverts and transition structures (545 Cubic yards of Cast in Place concrete) Reinforcing steel (285,000 lbs.) Rip rap channel protection (2,700 tons), earthwork (28,700 cubic yards), de-watering and storm drainage upgrades.



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Various Military Bases- FL/WA/MD/CA – Under an ongoing subcontract to upgrade aviation crash training facilities, new Jib crane systems were installed at seven Military bases across the United States. The Design/Build contract included coordination of all Structural and Geotechnical Engineering disciplines, Millwright/dismantling work of existing Gantry Cranes, Construction of Micropile mat foundations and rigging and installation of the new Jib cranes and controls. The projects were constructed in Washington, California, Florida and Maryland.





Chula Vista, CA – Construction of a 17,000 square foot Soil Nail wall to provide earth retention for the construction of new Clear Well water storage tanks. The wall measured approximately 54 feet at its tallest point. Over 500 cubic yards of Shotcrete was installed in addition to 530 soil nails ranging in length from 25 to 52 feet deep. Excavation for the wall required in excess of 35,000 cubic yards of grading.



Colorado River, CA – For the widening of a boat channel this project required the construction of a Sheet pile bulkhead wall at this recreational facility. Over 180 pairs of sheet pile were driven to construct the bulkhead in addition to 90 tie back anchors to restrain the piles at the walls Timber Waler. Work also included channel deepening behind a temporary cofferdam, de-watering and boat ramp construction.




Spring Valley, CA – A roadway improvement project to increase pedestrian safety. Cast in place retaining walls were constructed at existing side slopes to widen the street for sidewalk and curb ramp construction. In addition to the 2700 square foot cast in place retaining wall a 4250 square foot Soil Nail and Shotcrete retaining wall was constructed in order to cut back a slope on the opposite side of the street.



Encinitas, CA – A Shotcrete and soil nail wall was constructed at this site to retain bluff soils from eroding and sliding into the adjacent road way. The sculpted and stained wall was built to simulate the existing geology of the site while giving the wall an undulating and irregular profile. The wall required the installation of 167 soil nails ranging from 20 to 34 feet deep. A total of 7,450 square feet of finished wall was constructed.



Carson, CA – For a new facility at an Oil Refinery Gravity block type retaining walls were constructed to raise the grades for a new parking lot. The large block units (584 blocks and wall caps) were set using an excavator. The wall was constructed to full height and then backfilled with approximately 3,600 cubic yards of imported soil and then capped with a new Asphalt parking lot.

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