Pipe Piles 

pipe piles
Pipe Pile Application : Foundation Repair


A common underpinning foundation repair method uses hydraulically pushed steel pipe piles.  Pipe piles are used to gain vertical support in poor soils. Pilings are driven through the weak soil to reach competent soil for proper support. Piles are often used in areas with limited access for big equipment. This system attempts to gain support for the foundation down past the active moisture zone of the soil to minimize any future movements.

Foundation Failure


Foundation failure can be attributed to several things. Most commonly foundation failure is caused by the movement of expansive and highly plastic soils beneath different sections of the foundation footings. This movement can be in the form of shrinkage, which causes settlement, or expansion, which causes heave. When dry conditions prevail, soils consistently lose moisture and shrink. When moisture levels are high, the opposite is true, and soils swell.

5 warning signs of building foundation problems


  1. Cracked, crumbling or compromised foundations
  2. Water damage and soil shifting
  3. Sagging floors and warped ceilings
  4. Cracked, crumbling or buckling walls
  5. Improperly Fitting Doors and Windows

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