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Groundforce Commercial Retaining Wall Repair
Encinitas, CA – Shotcrete and soil nail wall construction to retain bluff soils from eroding and sliding into the adjacent road way.


GroundForce construction crews have years of experience constructing and repairing every type of retaining wall structure and system. Our wall engineering and design expertise administers to all scales of wall construction for Residential, Commercial, and Government retaining wall projects.


Our Wall Construction And Wall Repair Services Include:


Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls | Shotcrete Walls | Masonry Walls | Cribwall Repairs

Segmental Block Walls | Soldier Pile Walls | Soil Nail Walls | Timber Walls

Tie Back Walls | Pipe and Board Walls | Masonry Sound Walls


At GroundForce our talented team of Tradesmen, Superintendents and Project Managers collectively have over 20 years of experience with retaining wall construction. We are technical experts with an in-depth knowledge pertaining to the many details necessary for the successful completion of wall construction jobs.
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Some of Our Completed Wall Projects From Our Blog


Staining Concrete Retaining Walls

Earth Retention Soil Nail Wall
Chula Vista, CA – Construction of a 17,000 square foot Soil Nail wall to provide earth retention for the construction of new Clear Well water storage tanks.

Serpentine Soil Nail Walls – Temecula CA

Sculpted Shotcrete Pile Wall

Cast In Place Retaining Wall
Spring Valley, CA – A roadway improvement project to increase pedestrian safety. Cast in place retaining walls were constructed at existing side slopes to widen the street for sidewalk and curb ramp construction.

Shotcrete Wall

Tie Back and Shotcrete Retaining Wall Repair – La Mesa

Shotcrete Retaining Wall Construction
Encinitas, CA This Soil Nail Wall required the installation of 167 soil nails ranging from 20 to 34 feet deep. A total of 7,450 square feet of finished wall was constructed.

Retaining Walls – Roadway Improvement – Spring Valley, CA

Soil Nail Wall For Earth Retention – Chula Vista, Ca






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