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Here is a collection of some past geotech projects we thought worth noting. We specialize in foundation construction, foundation repair, slope stabilization, and many other geotech and soil engineering services. Groundforce serves the San Diego, Orange County, LA, and Riverside areas.

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Serpentine Soil Nail Walls – Temecula CA

Staining Concrete Retaining Walls

Reticulated Micro Piles


Soil Nailing | Oceanside California

Stabilizing a Residential Structure – San Pedro, CA


Caisson Rig in Action

We were in charge of stabilizing a residential structure in San Pedro by creating a shored opening to allow for the caisson rig to enter.

Project details:

  • 10′ overhead clearance
  • Drill four 25’caissons with a grade beam.
  • Slot cutting 3′ footing slots.
  • Create footings to connect to grade beam.
  • On a 2 story house, on a bluff with no footings.


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Micropiles – Foundation Underpinning – Carlsbad, CA


micropiles foundation underpinning

micropile foundation underpinning























Micropile and foundation underpinning work on a commercial tilt up building in Carlsbad, CA. The building had experienced subsidence of the fill soils that resulted in floor tilt. Project work included the construction of 38 micropiles that were drilled to depths ranging from 33 to 48 feet. In addition each micropile was capped with a grade beam system to underpin the affected building perimeter foundation.


Foundation Underpinning – San Diego, CA

pressure grouting

foundation underpinning




This project involved foundation underpinning work providing stabilization to 7 homes at the end of a cul de sac in San Diego, CA. Each house was underpinned with cast in place grade beams. The houses were then mechanically jacked level with lifts ranging from 3 to 8 inches using a system of hydraulic jacks and sacrificial screw jacks. A total of 55,000 lbs of rebar were installed. In addition approximately 740 cubic yards of concrete was poured, along with the injection of 65 cubic yards of pressure grout to fill in underneath the lifted slabs.

Groundforce just completed Tie Back installation for the Zip Line ride at the San Diego Safari Park

Groundforce just completed Tie Back installation for the Zip Line ride at the San Diego Safari Park. If you look closely at the photo you can see a Rhino doing whatever it is that Rhinos do.

A set of 60 foot long tie backs were installed through a grade beam system to provide additional load capacity for the ride.

Project Structural Engineering was provided by Taquino Engineering. Geotechnical Engineering and Materials testing was provided by Southern California Soil and Testing20150921_082059