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Shoring Wall | Carwash Project

This local carwash business had been faced with the duration and expense of constructing both a Shoring Wall and a Cast in Place Concrete Wall. Groundforce was contacted for our expertise in Shoring Walls and the client called us to see about an alternative approach.

Soil Nail Wall Design

We gave them a Design/Build proposal to do the job using a permanent Soil Nail Groundforce-Soil-Nailing-car-wash-San-Diego-2018Wall. Groundforce Team are experts with Soil Nail Wall and other retaining wall structures.

We also brought on our good friend David Salter with #DRSEngineering to design the wall and worked with the folks at #ChristianWheelerEngineering on the Geotechnical side of things.

It was a quick 7 day job and the results were great.

Happy Client, Happy Contractor, Nice Looking Carwash! What could be better?

Geotech Services

Groundforce Foundation Repair | Geotech Services

Here is a collection of some past geotech projects we thought worth noting. We specialize in foundation construction, foundation repair, slope stabilization, and many other geotech and soil engineering services. Groundforce serves the San Diego, Orange County, LA, and Riverside areas.

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Serpentine Soil Nail Walls – Temecula CA

Staining Concrete Retaining Walls

Reticulated Micro Piles


Soil Nailing | Oceanside California

Staining Concrete Retaining Walls

Conrete Retaining Walls | Staining Concrete Walls | Shotcrete

The fun part of these concrete retaining walls is sculpting and staining them to blend in with the landscape.

That’s when the clients start to stop stare and smile if we do it right!

For this specialty concrete work it’s all about having the best sculptors!

Check out are master scupltor – Mike Klemp  Thanks to #kbhome and Jesse Kleist, MCP for the work!

Concrete Walls - Staining Concrete Walls - Shotcrete - California

Shotcrete | Retaining Concrete Walls | Groundforce San Diego

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Sculpted Shotcrete Pile Wall

Shotcrete at noon today!

Working on a Sculpted Shotcrete Pile Wall – CIDH Pile Wall for #KBHome

Soils Engineering by Geosoils Pile – Wall Engineering by Dave Salter

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Soil Nailing | Oceanside California

Oceanside CA – Soil Nailing the Head Scarp

This shot was before we resume slope reconstruction. No #trimble for us…. Just Alfredo doing his thing using dead reckoning and 30 years experience to bring up the slope at a perfect 1.5 to 1.

All design and engineering on this one by Stan Helenschmidt…skills!!!


CAT 259 Dropping in on a 1.5 to 1 Slope

This is an interesting video showing CAT 259 excavation equipment dropping in on a 1.5 to 1 slope.

The Cat 259 Compact Track Loader, with its vertical lift design, delivers extended reach and lift height for quick and easy truck loading. Its standard, suspended undercarriage system provides superior traction, flotation, stability and speed to work in a wide range of applications and underfoot conditions.

Thought we would share this one from:

Michael Willhite : Owner/Operator at WILLHITE GRADING & EXCAVATION INC.

Serpentine Soil Nail Walls – Temecula CA

Soil nailing is a construction remedial measure to treat unstable natural soil slopes or as a construction technique that allows the safe over-steepening of new or existing soil slopes.

Groundforce can be seen here providing down hole hammer drilling in Temecula, CA. Serpentine Soil Nail Walls are challenging to build but look good when they are finished and provide quality support. This one is for an estate site that will have a pool at the base of the wall.

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Stabilizing a Residential Structure – San Pedro, CA


Caisson Rig in Action

We were in charge of stabilizing a residential structure in San Pedro by creating a shored opening to allow for the caisson rig to enter.

Project details:

  • 10′ overhead clearance
  • Drill four 25’caissons with a grade beam.
  • Slot cutting 3′ footing slots.
  • Create footings to connect to grade beam.
  • On a 2 story house, on a bluff with no footings.


Piece of Cake for the Groundforce Crew!



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Shotcrete Wall

Recent Large Concrete Wall Project

Nothing better than finishing a job on a Thursday! Seven loads of float finish shotcrete by early afternoon. A little clean up and the guys get to head to a new job tomorrow!

Project QC/Inspection: Christian Wheeler Engineering (Click this link to read more on  Mike Wheeler)



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Tie Back and Shotcrete Retaining Wall Repair – La Mesa

Tie Back and Shotcrete Retaining Wall Repair

Our drill crew getting rolling on a Tie Back and Shotcrete Retaining Wall Repair in La Mesa. Structural design by Carl Josephson/Josephson-Werdowatz. Geotechnical Engineering by E. David Colbaugh/Evans-Colbaugh and QC/Materials testing by Christian Wheeler Engineering

Drone Flyover – Mission Hills San Diego – Soil Nail Wall and Grading

Here is some fun footage of a job we just wrapped in in San Diego for an apartment project in the Mission Hills area. Groundforce did all of the Soil Nail Wall Work and Grading. Our guys really did a great job on this one. On to the next job!

Oceanside – 700 South Strand Project

Oceanside SurfAfter six weeks of street closures and detours to traffic we have just finished
paving our roadway reconstruction project today for the 700 South Strand Project in Oceanside.

The work included demolition of the existing Seawall, utility work, reconstruction of the existing Rip Rap Revetment, Curb/Gutter/Sidewalk Improvements and a new section of Seawall.

Our Client McKellar McGowan Real Estate Development is also putting the finishing touches on the Building side of the job  and the road is now open just in time for the Oceanside Triathlon scheduled for this weekend.

Oceanside Seawall Repair

Seawall Repair San Diego Area


El Nino Busters at Work!

Groundforce has been busy getting this slope repair done before El Nino comes knocking on the door. The photo on the front shows our crew putting the final trim on the finished slope face. This project in Encinitas involved extensive Geo-grid reinforced slope reconstruction at 3 adjoining properties. In addition the site storm drainage system was upgraded and new landscaping was installed to help prevent future problems. The project Geotechnical Engineer was Terra Pacific Consultants, Civil Engineering was performed by Coffey Engineering and Construction Management Services were provided by Gilliland Construction Management.


Groundforce is an expert in performing repairs to properties with Drainage and Slope issues and can help property owners prepare and defend themselves against the upcoming El Nino.

Groundforce just completed Tie Back installation for the Zip Line ride at the San Diego Safari Park

Groundforce just completed Tie Back installation for the Zip Line ride at the San Diego Safari Park. If you look closely at the photo you can see a Rhino doing whatever it is that Rhinos do.

A set of 60 foot long tie backs were installed through a grade beam system to provide additional load capacity for the ride.

Project Structural Engineering was provided by Taquino Engineering. Geotechnical Engineering and Materials testing was provided by Southern California Soil and Testing20150921_082059

Seawall Construction – La Jolla Ca.

Groundforce has completed construction of a Seawall for the City of San Diego in La Jolla. The Seawall was constructed to prevent bluff erosion and undermining of the new City Lifeguard Station being constructed at the site.

The project required use of limited access drilling equipment. The wall was constructed with a series of tie back anchors and sculpted Shotcrete to simulate the surrounding bluff materials. The project General Contractor was Stronghold Engineering. Geotechnical Engineering was provided by Southern California Soils and Testing. Structural Engineer of Record was BWE/Burkett and Wong.

seawall photo for august second photo of seawall

Drive Wall Stabilization – Alhambra Ca.

Working under contract with the City of Alhambra, Groundforce has just completed the Grandview Drive Wall Stabilization Project. The work included installation of 125 Soil Nails, 180 Cubic Yards of Reinforced Shotcrete, Wrought Iron Fencing and a Plaster finish at the shotcrete wall.

The project Geotechnical Engineer was David Colbaugh with Evans, Colbaugh and Associates. Soil Nail wall design was by Ricardo Jordan with Earth Support Systems, Inc.

left panel middle panel right panel

New Tennis Court Installation

Ground Force has completed the construction of a Tennis Pavilion at this Custom Estate site in La Jolla. Work included 6,000 Cubic Yards of Grading and Soil Export, construction of a 3800 square foot Soil Nail Wall, Storm Drains and Rip Rap Channel Lining. Project Geotechnical Engineering was by Terra Pacific Consultants, Civil Engineering was by Coffey Engineering and Soil Nail Wall Engineering was by Earth Support Systems.

Testimonial 4

During this time, I found each of the team members to be effective communicators who were able to work cooperatively and efficiently and I was extremely impressed with Mr. Hoffman’s liaison amongst all of the Civil engineers, Soil Mechanics and the very capable Sub-contractors who also worked on our projects. In addition he has a great rapport with the City of Carlsbad’s city officials. 


“I wanted to let you know that your crew has done a great job not only to the slope repairs but also to minimize landscape damage, keeping the work area clean before they leave for the day etc. They have been very polite to all the homeowners that have had concerns and questions. I have received many compliments from the homeowners on the professionalism of your crew”